I can’t think of any brand of lingerie that is sexier than Andres Sarda.  It is my brand of choice, as Sarda pieces hug a girls curves like nothing else out there.  The fabrics are sublime and the laces stretch just enough to make any woman look forward to wearing this.  I’m addicted.  I wear it every day.

Sarda’s progressive style is evident in his designs, which continue to break the stereotypes of women’s lingerie.  He is renowned for his use of innovative fabrics, and was the first designer to use elasticized fibers that made foundations  more functional, comfortable and elegant.

The Andrés Sardá line was launched in 1980 with the purpose of presenting a line of luxury products, both in terms of the fabric quality and production and design. The collection featured a series of new concepts and innovative designs, fabrics and colors that had never been used before in underwear and lingerie collections.

Every season his pieces excite and amaze me.  This one is no exception.