Break the mold…

At KMhudson, we are obsessed with fabric and quality. The fabrics and laces that are used to make a bra often make the difference in the way it fits. When a garment sits close to the skin, it shouldn’t rub or irritate. We take great care hand picking each bra we add to our inventory.

There is one brand that always stands out when we examine the quality and construction of foundation garments. For more than 60 years, Empreinte has been a leading company specializing in bringing full busted women lingerie with style and impeccable fit. These bras get the job done, yet are still unbelievably beautiful and sexy for a woman to wear.

As I have mentioned numerous times, a bra has to fit in order to work. The most challenging (yet rewarding) customers to fit are those who have true hourglass figures – A small waist and tiny ribcage with a fuller bust. It’s extremely difficult to make a bra that can provide the right support in the band, yet accomodate a full cup at the same time without “spillage” or the dreaded “double boob”. The manufacturer’s challenge lies in creating the molds to shape the cups.  At band size goes down and cup size goes up, the molds will begin to break. Very few vendors of mine have mastered the art of creating worthwhile garments for this body type.

Empriente not only does it, but does it beautifully. It has quickly become one of my best selling brands, and I was close to sold out of them before i even officially opened my Charles Street store to the public. Not only does this company create pieces that give a woman an amazing shape, the designs are stunning.

We have an extensive inventory of Empriente bras at the KMhudson ltd. Boston. Please come in and take a look.

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