Our Mission

We believe that every woman should be wearing foundations that fit. We know that each woman has unique needs and how hard it is to find the pieces that are just right. This is why each of our stores stocks over 5000 bras and a whole bunch of other things you might wear under your clothing. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and provide you with endless options so that you can choose the right pieces to look and feel your best every day of the year. Learn from our decade of experience fitting over 15,000 women in bras and foundation garments! We are here to help in every way… in our stores, in our fitting rooms, on the phone, or online!

always wear your invisible crown

There is no feminine ideal.  I keep looking for one to emulate, but have realized that person cannot be found....

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One Person At A Time

“It sure would be nice to go triple platinum But there’s no guarantee its ever going to happen And if...

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Suck it, Icky Vickie’s!


When I first moved up to Boston I spent a great deal of time alone, thinking about all of the...

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