Tom in Barbapapa Pink
Marie Jo L’Aventure‚Äôs star attraction. Tom is a smooth, opaque series that is invisible under any garment and comes in a wide range of sizes in the foam cups. Soft and light fabric and signature straps make Tom an irresistible addition to any lingerie drawer. This season’s color evokes fun and playfulness, as it is based on a series of Parisian children’s books from the 1970’s.
Marie Jo L’Aventure offers clean, contemporary designs and smooth fabrics, while still remaining pure and feminine. This collection allows you to experiment with patterns and color without sacrificing a smooth profile. One of our best selling brands… Marie Jo L’aventure brings color, style and unsurpassed quality to your lingerie wardrobe. We love fitting these bras! They are feminine and colorful, and very consistent, so it is easy to experiment with new styles while not sacrificing a great fit!